About Torso Anatomy Diagram

Torso anatomy diagram will be the main topic in this discussion. Anatomy is an important knowledge in science. There are a lot of things that you can learn in anatomy, especially for human body. Learning human anatomy is necessary, because all people should know about their own anatomies and about all the things that are […]

Recognizing Your Body Systems

Science is one of knowledge that has to be known by all people. There are a lot of things that are related to science, for example your body systems. Of course, you should know really well about the body systems, because those will be very useful. People should have understood about those systems, because those […]

Model of the Human Body Functions for Student

Model of the human body is one of important parts in education especially in science. It may not the most important stuff in science, but many people believe that this kind of scientific thing can show more significant knowledge than seeing a picture of human body. Indeed, by seeing human body picture students can see […]

Male Anatomy Chart: Reproductive System

Everybody has a body which is composed of several complicated organ. Human anatomy can be in several part of your body. It can be external and also internal. External anatomy of human is usually similar, but internal anatomy is usually different, for example between woman and man. Everybody have to know well about male anatomy […]

Good Human Body Reference

Human body reference will be quite interesting to talk about. The types of human body are various, because all of them depend on their bones as the framework. The muscle is actually influential in building the human body, because it covers the entire bones and strengthens the body. Muscle is also the reason why the […]

Know Your Body System through the Human Body System Chart

Human body system chart is a small thing with millions information. By, understanding the chart, you could understand very well about your body system. It is quite important to know your body system, because it is a basic thing to know how your body works. You could see a lot of body system charts in […]

Internal Body Organs Diagra, Female

It is important to understand well about your body organs.However it will be very important because it give positive impact to you. If you know about your organs then you will try to live the good life which is healthy. You also will be careful with your body and keep the health of your body. […]

All Systems of the Human Body

In the human body consists of 12 systems. All systems of the body are really important things for us because we cannot do like what we want to do right now and we cannot life without them. The 12 systems in our body are muscular system, skeletal system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine […]

Bone Anatomy Human: Axial and Appendicular Skeleton

As human, your body anatomy consists of several systems. Systems are combination of organs that will run several function. One of systems in your body is skeletal system or bone structure. This system has function to keep mineral, it also can be a place where the muscles attach, it can be used as place of […]

Skeletal System Anatomy and Physiology of Human

Skeletal system consists of joints and bones in our body. The skeleton does as the scaffold by providing and protecting our soft tissues in our body. The skeletal system has two main systems. They are skeletal system anatomy and physiology. The skeletal system also provides the attachment points for our muscles to allow the movement […]