About Surface Anatomy Definition

If you think that to know exactly what happen to your body, the only solution is through dissection, you are wrong then. It is known as visual anatomy or surface anatomy. Nevertheless, surface anatomy or visual anatomy is a sub-branch of gross anatomy. However, what is visual/surface anatomy definition? Surface anatomy is a study that […]

Understanding Human Body Organ Locations

Even though, you are not realized it yet before, but your body is like house for your organs since, all of them have specific and distinct location with different name and different function. Simply put, body organ locations are like rooms inside your home, where each room as its own function, look, and so on. […]

Function of Anatomy human organs

Organs in human’s body are important part of the body because without the organ, you called as unusual human. Healthy people are anyone that his or her organ is functioned well because the function of the organ cannot be removed in someone’s body. Anatomy human organs if you know the parts of the human organs, […]

What You Need to Know about Organ Chart Human Body

A chart for human body whether it is female or male can ease anyone who interested in learning about human body can easily find out its location mostly and any additional thing about the human organ. Speaking about the location of certain organ that is displayed through organ chart human body, then be sure you […]

Learning Using Organs of the Body Diagram

Learning using organs of the body diagram might be a great idea to do. Human body is an organism which consists of several organ systems which have important tasks each of them such as for coordination, being active, healthy and the intelligence. These organs systems consist of several organs and each person has the same […]

Body Organs Location and Its Description

What do you know about your body? Do you even curious about such system on your body which let you to do your daily activity like seeing, eating, digesting, thinking and so on? Human body and all of its system are amazing, even though body organs location stays in different location, but still, uniquely they […]

Things to Know About Diagram Internal Organs

If it is measured by layer, then there are many layers that construct human body, starting from surface layer which you can see to the deepest layer like cells and so on. Since, there are many to learn when it comes to internal organs, then using diagram internal organs, it will ease you to understand […]

Learn the Diagram of Human Anatomy

You can find much information no matter if you are a student or just usual people if you want to know about diagram of human anatomy. It is not only in a written information but you also can know about the anatomy of a human because it is with detailed image or picture or you […]

Details in the Anatomy of a human body

Anatomy of a human body has the role to make people understand about a human body because. You can read some article that informed the anatomy of human body. Besides, you can see the anatomy of someone’s body from interactive media such as the picture that show the anatomy and there is the diagram about […]

Related information of Organs human body

Organs human body contents of the list of some human body system that is so disappointed if you do not know about it. It is because each system in the list of organs is amazing because there are many function about that and that you can see your human structure from anatomical features. That the […]