Human Anatomy Definition: Micro and Macro

The first thing that we have to know before we learn the human anatomy is human anatomy definition. Human Anatomy has already explained since we’re still in junior high school. It’s kind of amazing to know and explore our body, even though we can’t really see some parts or the inner organ of the body. […]

Parts of a Body that Practically Useless

The human body is the main part of our lives in order to make human can do many things in their life. Imagine that you are live but you can’t move your body or parts of a body. Some of the people are having that kind of life. That’s really sad, right? That’s why all […]

Anatomical Body Parts: The Body System

The body system is anatomical body parts consist of many systems that will make our body work properly. There are many systems that currently working so hard to maintain our life. The first system is circulatory system. The main job of this system is to make sure that all needed liquids are delivering in the […]

The Benefit of Learning Anatomy and Physiology Bones

First of all, you should know that this anatomy and physiology bones are about the skeleton. That means when you learn about it then of course you are learning about the kinds of the skeleton system. Skeleton system is one of the kinds of system of the body that you might want to learn about, […]

Does Female Muscular System Different from Males?

You must be one of the kinds of people who are wondering about this kind of thing, which is whether the female muscular system different from male muscular system. Theoretically, both are the same, but in practically they are a bit different. As you might have seen out there on the books or when you […]

The Role of Body Organ Map

When you hear about map then of course it must be about the way on how to find out the location or the place of something. Well, this is also when you are looking for the kinds of location of some kinds of organ then you should have the body organ map to help you […]

Tools to Learn about Human Internal Anatomy

Talking about the human external anatomy, it must be easy to explain or to mention because you can see it right away with your bare eyes. But, what if you are going to discuss the human internal anatomy? Well, it must be something difficult to explain or to mention. That is because, when we say […]

Using Skeletal System Interactive to Learn Skeletal System

It is called as the skeletal system interactive. You might be wondering what it is. Well, this is the kinds of games or application that is used by the teacher in order to make the students understand about the skeleton system. As we all know, skeleton is the bone that human body has in order […]

Some List of Human Body with Organs

As we all know, every part of human body has some kinds of important organs that support it. Well, if you are wondering about it, then you might want to read this article, which is about the human body with organs. First, when we are talking about the musculoskeletal system then of course we are […]